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Mehlin Renovations

Logo and branding for Mehlin Renovations. A modern tile work and home renovations company.


Blue Willow Tea Packaging

Unused direction for Blue Willow Tea. We want to show and give emphasis on the companies roots and have the label be lively and organic.

Fonts include: Plume Big John, Century gothic

The Best Tea Packaging Designs by DesignRush on our Best Designs Trends


Wine label design for Ruby Vineyards located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Bed and breakfast located in Monticello, Florida.

Avera Clarke_Monogram_Black_Transparent.png

Illustration and graphic design work for bike parts company. Informational graphics about bike maintenance.


Outdoor themed, nature inspired.


Illustrations for home goods company.

GatherRound_illustrations_Take out.png